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April 12, 2017
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The boardroom is the beating heart of the office; it’s where the most momentous decisions are made, strategies devised and those all important business partnerships are formed. Therefore, a boardroom that both inspires and impresses is essential to facilitating brilliant ideas and creating positive long-lasting impressions.

Simple alterations to design and furniture can easily and inexpensively transform your boardroom from a dull meeting room to a powerful space that reflects and strengthens your company culture, engages your staff and ensures visitors gain a clear and positive image of your brand.

Creating the right impression

First and foremost, your boardroom design must reflect your brand culture and values. If you’re a creative agency or tech start-up, a quirky and colourful modern design can reflect your brand’s innovative and unique approach; however, if you’re an established legal firm, solid wood and calming colour pallets will help present a professional space that is classy and confident.

Ditching the dull magnolia paint in exchange for uplifting colours, interesting artwork or inspiring iconography is an easy way to enhance your boardroom. Displaying company awards or key values is also a great way to motivate employees and cement your credibility with clients and business associates.

While an aesthetically pleasing design is crucial to delivering that all-important wow factor, optimising your design to support the wellbeing of your staff and visitors will ensure you get the most out of your boardroom. For example, research has shown lighting can have a huge impact on productivity and creativity, so ensuring your space is amply lit can make a huge impact. A dim room can be oppressive, but excessive brightness can be distracting and cause headaches. Similarly, creating a space which feels open and allows people to move around and present is more likely to produce collaborative working and out-the-box thinking than a cramped space.

Boardroom furniture: funky vs function

There’s no question that the boardroom table is one of the most significant pieces of office furniture. Whether you opt for a round table to encourage collaborative working or prefer a more traditional rectangular setup, your boardroom table is the main focus of your boardroom space and sets the mood for anyone that steps inside, so picking the right design to support your business needs is essential.

In addition to function, your furniture can help make your boardroom memorable. In 2010, Irish advertising agency Boys & Girls gained significant attention after showcasing a table design that truly captures the imagination of our inner child. Constructed from 22,742 LEGO pieces, this fun piece of furniture cleverly offers evidence of the company’s bold creativity.

The Boys and Girls LEGO table stands out in an otherwise sterile environment (Image Source)

Nonetheless, no matter how show-stopping your boardroom table may be, poor quality, too large or uncomfortable chairs could significantly diminish the overall quality of your boardroom. With staff and external stakeholders likely to be seated for a couple of hours or more, failing to ensure your boardroom chairs offer comfort and support could wear on people’s patience and negatively impact decision making. Picking from ergonomic design ranges should help maintain high comfort levels and improve productivity.

Equipment essentials

In a digital age, it goes without saying that equipping your boardroom with the technological tools needed to support presentations and video and phone conferencing is essential. Tables with cable ports, wall-mounted HD screens as well as easy access power points and a speedy Wi-Fi connection are all key components of a modern boardroom, but providing clear user-guide instructions as well as Wi-Fi access details will reduce set-up times and ensure a seamless and professional presentation every time.

Attention to detail

When it comes to meetings with business associates or clients, paying close attention to the smaller details in your boardroom can help your presentation pack a punch. Simple additions such as water glasses, fruit bowls, fresh flowers, or even mints, on the table can help create a welcoming environment, setting your external stakeholders at ease and providing a positive experience of your brand. Finally, don’t forget to keep a supply of up-to-date brochures, newsletters or case studies in your boardroom at all times. In addition to projecting confidence in your business, this offers your visitors an informative memento that they can take away with them.

If you would like more information about redesigning your boardroom, please contact one of our interiors experts today.

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